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IAS UPSC Topper 2018: Anudeep Durishetty Rank 1 Interview, Strategy

UPSC Topper 2018: Recently, the Commission has announced the IAS final results and brilliant mind from Metpally got 1st rank. Now. let’s meet with the Hyderabad’s student earlier who was an IRS officer – Anudeep Durishetty. A total of 990 students are selected finally for the civil services and he is the one who scored higher marks. After getting Friday’s results, he became the inspiration for many junior students who are going to appear for the exams in the upcoming year. 

Students are asking what kind of strategies he had used, what are the books he prefers, what should be the schedule of a civil services aspirant? etc. Here we will discuss the complete Journey of UPSC IAS topper – Anudeep Durishetty.

IAS UPSC Topper 2018

The first question that comes to mind is – is it was Anudeep’s first attempt?. You should know, he is 28 years old and it took five attempts to attain this position. 

When he started his preparations for the exam?. Did it take one or two years?. There is a popular quote – big things take time. The same thing applied here. Durishetty is currently serving as Assistant Tax Commissioner in Hyderabad and he started his preparations in 2012. He used to study during his jobs and even did not get coaching from any institutions. This hard work led him to achieve this prestigious rank of UPSC topper 2018.

What Anudeep Durishetty Says?

  • “This journey was not so easy for me. There are five attempts and I failed thrice.”
  • “I got full support from my family. If they were not with me during that time, I would not be able to reach here.”
  • How do you manage to study along with duty? – “I had a regular job and I was not being able to study maximum hours a day but on weekends, I gave my 100 percent to prepare well.”

IAS UPSC Topper 2018

Ms Anu Kumari – Second Rank Holder – IAS 2018

Ms Anu Kumari secured the second position and become IAS UPSC topper 2018 in women. Out of 990, 750 are men and 240 are women who have been selected for the vacancies. She is 31 years old, A Physics Honours graduate from Hindu College, Delhi University. She was working for a private company for nine years. 

Ms Anu Kumari IAS Topper

What She Said To Hindustan Times: “I was not satisfied with my job and I want to do something which can be helpful for society. Thus, I decided to appear for the IAS examination.”

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Books are the best partner of a student. Indian Administrative Services is one of the toughest examinations in the country and Lakhs of candidates apply for the vacancies that Union Public Services Commission reveals. In 2017, 9.5 lakh contenders enrolled for the examination and finally, only 990 got selected for the vacant seats. What is the major difference comes from these students?. Do they have better books?. It slightly matters, but more matters is how hard a student work for the success.

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